Maddi Bragg runs her own fashion and beauty YouTube empire at 17, all while living on her own. But aside from keeping her fans supplied with new content every Thursday, the fashion and beauty guru is also carving out time to help her fellow creative counterparts.


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As the first ambassador for Taco Bell's Live Más Scholarship, Maddi is using her YouTube fame for good. The social media star is helping shed light on the awesome, unconventional scholarship opportunity which helps give kids that wouldn't traditionally be in the contention for academic or sports scholarships a chance to receive money for their education. As Maddi put it to her 1.2 million followers, the scholarship is perfect for those that aren't into sports and don't always have the best grades. "If you're someone who isn't so into academics and sports and you're more of an artistic person, this is the perfect thing for you because there's not as many art scholarships as there are academic and sports scholarships," she explained. recently chatted with the YouTuber about her piercings, her style, her relationship with her boyfriend Jacob, and more! Keep reading to learn more about Maddi!

WW: How did you originally get involved with the Taco Bell Live Mas scholarship?

MB: I love Taco Bell and the work they do giving back to students. It relates to a lot of my viewers so I thought it was a great program to be a part of!

Why is the Live Mas Scholarship so close to your heart?

Honestly, not everyone wants to go to college and study math or science. A lot of people just want to go to fashion school, or do YouTube. This scholarship is really unique in that it helps people do that.


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What inspired you to start YouTubing?

I started my channel out of boredom. I watched a ton of beauty & fashion vloggers before I started my own channel. One day I was bored and thought, "Hey I could do that!" and almost 5 years later here I am still making videos.


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What are you most proud of?

I live on my own and 100% support myself, at 17. I never thought I would be at this point, but it's really cool to have a job that you are passionate about and be able to support yourself at such a young age.

Were your parents supportive?

Yes, very. My family thinks it's really cool that I've built a business at such a young age. They've never discouraged me and have always been supportive of my decisions.

What one piece of advice would you give those wanting to start a YouTube channel?

My main piece of advice for anyone starting a channel is to stay true to yourself. No one wants to see a copy of another person. They like you for you and your personality. If you are genuine people will stick around and support you. I promise.

Your boyfriend did a cute video with you doing makeup on your channel. How does your Internet fame affect your relationship?

We try to keep it separate, but I knew my viewers would love seeing him in a video, so we thought that was a fun one to do!

How long have you two been together?

About a year.

Had he watched you on YouTube before you started dating?


You're known for your style -- who are your celebrity style icons?

Like everyone else, I'm obsessed with Kylie Jenner's style. I love how she keeps it super cool and casual but sometimes dresses up! For me it's all about comfort and feeling good in what you're wearing so most days I'm wearing jeans, a tee shirt and a cool pair of boots.

How many piercings do you have?

I have 11 piercings total.

How old were you when you got your first piercing?

I think I was about 12 when I got my first piercing.

Which piercing hurt the most?

My belly button piercing definitely hurt the most.


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What was the very first fan interaction you had?

I think the first fan interaction I had was at the mall. I was shopping with my mom and a girl close to my age came up to me and asked if I was Maddi from Youtube. I remember being so surprised that someone actually knew who I was and liked me enough to come up and tell me. It was such a cool experience.

What was the turning point/moment when you knew you were connecting with people?

I think once I hit like 50,000 subscribers it hit me that it wasn't just a number and that there were real people watching and enjoying my videos. Seeing all the comments and tweets from people who supported me was so surreal. When I started making videos I never thought anyone would watch them and now here I am reaching over a million people. It's insane.

Name one famous person you would love to meet.

I'd love to meet Drake (lol). I'm obsessed with his music.

Name one fellow YouTuber you'd would love to meet.

I know this is kind of weird but I love watching the whatsupmoms channel. I don't have kids nor do I plan on having kids anytime soon but I still love and watch their videos so I'd love to meet the moms and all their cute little kids.

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If you weren't a full-time influencer, where would you work?

I think I'd most likely be working retail. I've always loved clothes and fashion so I'd probably have a job at Pacsun or maybe Brandy Melville.

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