Jennifer Aniston 'Going After' Handsome 'Star Wars' Actor?

Has Jennifer Aniston been "going after" a handsome Star Wars actor? That was the premise of a website's article exactly one year ago today. Back then, Gossip Cop debunked the report, which offered no proof whatsoever to justify its claim. And now 12 months later, it's abundantly clear the entire story was nothing more than a fabrication.

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The problem is many people were duped before June 3, 2018 by a RadarOnline story that alleged Aniston was directing her attention toward Oscar Isaac because she found the actor "good-looking" and "talented." The frequently discredited site maintained Aniston was "going after" him in a "major way," and even quoted what it contended was a knowledgeable source as saying the "Friends" actress wanted to "get to know [Isaac] better." To make its narrative more dramatic, the blog's unnamed, and untraceable tipster added that Isaac knew her estranged husband Justin Theroux, who was in The Last Jedi, and the two men were "rivals."

At the time Gossip Cop busted the outlet's story, Aniston's rep, speaking on her behalf, told us the website's tale was "absurd." And, of course, the blog's report has been shown to be a completely wrong. The beauty of looking back at an article one year later is that it often becomes even more obvious who's lying and who's telling the truth. Suffice to say, the passage of time has further buried RadarOnline.

As Gossip Cop noted 365 days ago, Aniston was not "going after" Isaac, who is married to Danish director Elvira Lind and has a son. In addition to failing to show how the actress was supposedly pursuing him (or even knew him), it threw in the revenge angle of Isaac and Theroux being "rivals." But in an article from this past February about Aniston packing her 50th birthday party in L.A. with exes, including Brad Pitt and John Mayer, it very specifically mentioned how Theroux was in New York at the time of the bash, having a "guys night out" with his friends Isaac, Liev Schreiber and others.

Also, Aniston told Harper's Bazaar in an interview published last month, "Dating has not been one of my first priorities." She continued, "It will present itself, and it's not about seeking it out." That's a far cry from the main contention about Aniston having a crush on Isaac and "going after" the married star.

Part of the reason Gossip Cop revisits articles from the past is to help inform our readers for the present and future. The blog, which published the tale about Aniston and Isaac a year ago, hasn't become any more reliable since then. A little more than a week after that inaccurate story, the same outlet asserted Aniston was getting "revenge" on Emma Stone for her supposed "romance" with Theroux. Not only did reps for both actresses deny the claim, but Stone, who was already dating comedy writer Dave McCary, has never been involved with Theroux.

Following that, the same site connected totally unrelated dots when it insisted Aniston was reuniting with Pitt because she visited George Clooney's house in Italy. Of course, that was 100 percent untrue, as was a piece Gossip Cop corrected about how Aniston was writing a "blockbuster tell-all" book. Perhaps it's time, after all these provably false reports, for that outlet to start "going after" more trustworthy Aniston sources.

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