Kendall Jenner "Furious" Over Kim Kardashian Modeling?

Is Kendall Jenner "furious" over Kim Kardashian having a "modeling career"? That's what one website is claiming. But Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the untrue story and expose how it's part of a pattern of falsehoods.


"Kan't Keep Up With Kim! Kendall 'Furious' Over Kardashian's Exploding Modeling Career," reads a characteristically sensational and dramatic headline from RadarOnline. The article was sparked by Kardashian posing for the cover of Vogue India, an issue that was unveiled this week. The site quotes a so-called "source," who describes Jenner as "furious" over the edition, and alleges, "Kendall was super jealous over Kim's latest gigs because she feels like Kim is totally stealing her thunder."

The blog's supposed snitch further contends Jenner is "telling her family and friends that she just doesn't get it because Kim is 'way too old' to be getting such huge modeling gigs." In more ridiculous comments, the alleged tipster further claims, "Kendall really does not understand why the world is still so fascinated with her sister Kim, especially since everyone in the modeling industry is constantly telling Kendall how much prettier she is."

In addition to being absurd, the awkward and unnecessary phrasing of "her sister Kim" is a tip-off that these remarks were likely manufactured. Yes, beauty does play a role in scoring magazine covers, but so do sales. If magazines find that issues with Kardashian on the cover sell well, they're going to keep putting her on the front page. It's as simple as that, something Jenner, being so involved in the business, knows and understands.

The problem here isn't with her. It's with RadarOnline, which has spent years concocting bogus tales just like this one. In 2015, for example, the outlet claimed Jenner was "livid" after her younger sister Kylie appeared in a Vogue spread. Most recently, in 2017, the online publication alleged Jenner was "jealous" over Paris Jackson getting a Vogue cover.

This concept has been applied to Kardashian as well. In 2016, when it was Jenner herself who earned a cover appearance, the website maintained Kardashian was "threatened" and "jealous of her success." The site even insisted the siblings were "secretly feuding" and "at war" all because of Vogue. Now this tired, old narrative is being used again. It's almost as if the blog has a template for this storyline that it just trots out every now and again.

But Kardashian is going to keep appearing on magazine covers, as most female stars do whether they're full-time models or not. And Jenner will continue rising in the modeling world. One has nothing to do with the other. Furthermore, the two are actually quite supportive of each other's careers, with Kardashian even stepping out last fall to celebrate Jenner as The Daily Front Row's Fashion Icon Of The Decade recipient (see photo above).

It's a shame the outlet would rather make it seem like the two are at odds. It's also shameful that the Mirror saw fit to pick up the blog's untruthful claims and regurgitate them as facts. On the contrary, it's all fiction, as a family rep tells Gossip Cop the contentions, unsurprisingly, are "false."

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