Khloe Kardashian Trying To Have Twins?

Is Khloe Kardashian really trying to have twins with Tristan Thompson? That's the latest claim to emerge about the couple. Gossip Cop, however, can debunk the allegation, with help from Kardashian herself.

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A headline in the new issue of NW announces, "Double Trouble For Khloe: 'I'm Trying For Twins!'" Kardashian, however, has never publicly made such a statement. The tabloid is putting words in her mouth to fit its narrative, which contends the reality star has "talked" Thompson "into trying for twins."

"She wants two more kids, a boy and a girl, and IVF is by far the best option," a so-called "source" is quoted as saying. This untraceable tipster goes on to say, "For all his faults, Khloe says Tristan is a wonderful dad and she'd like him to father all her kids." That leads the magazine to assert, "And she wants it to happen sooner rather than later." To that end, it's alleged Kardashian has given Thompson until October to "prove his worth."

Why then? The outlet explains that will "mark six months since his many affairs were exposed." Arguably, though, Thompson is already showing his "worth." More than a month ago, Kardashian praised him as a "great daddy," and just over a week ago, Kardashian gushed after Thompson surprised her with gifts to celebrate the launch of her latest Good American collection. Kardashian and Thompson even just spent this past weekend on vacation in Mexico, where they didn't hesitate to engage in PDA.

Quite obviously, their relationship appears to be on solid ground right now. But that doesn't mean the couple is rushing to have more babies. In fact, just two weeks ago, Kardashian said on Twitter that she's not even thinking of having another child yet. "Not right now lol True is only 3 months old so give me some time lol," she told an inquisitive fan.

Gossip Cop also pointed this out when In Touch similarly alleged recently that Kardashian is "trying for baby No. 2." The NW version advances the storyline from one baby to two, which only makes it doubly wrong. Indeed, it may be quite a while before the "KUWTK" star opts to get pregnant again. In a recent interview, Kardashian admitted she wants more kids, but insisted, "Let my uterus shrink down again! I just don't know if I'm ready to get pregnant again; it's a lot… I just don't know when it's going to be. I heard you should wait at least a year."

That makes this "twins" narrative rather premature. And this certainly isn't the first time the tabloid has proven to be off-base when it comes to reporting on the new mom. In May, for example, the magazine claimed Kardashian was on the verge of marrying Thompson, which still hasn't happened. Then in June, the outlet insisted she had been shut out by the rest of the Kardashians, as her family supposedly wanted "nothing to do" with her anymore. Kardashian's own Instagram shows that's not the case, just as Gossip Cop rightly said at the time.

Conclusion: NW claims Kardashian is "trying for twins," but the star herself is on record twice in recent weeks saying she is not ready to have another baby, let alone two. The publication also has a documented history of publishing factually inaccurate stories about her. This is clearly another one.

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