Leonardo DiCaprio Told 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' Crew To Avoid Eye Contact With Him?

Did Leonardo DiCaprio tell Once Upon A Time In Hollywood crew members to avoid making eye contact with him while working on the movie? That's what is being alleged buried deep in a lengthy new article about the actor, his latest film, and working with director Quentin Tarantino. Gossip Cop, however, can correct the inaccurate claim.

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In a newly published piece about DiCaprio tied to the upcoming release of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, while discussing the actor's "air of mystery," The Hollywood Reporter contends "some crewmembers on Once Upon a Time were instructed to avoid making eye contact with him." It bears mentioning no one specifically is quoted as saying that, and the assertion is simply attributed to an unnamed and untraceable "on-set source." Additionally, after including that unsubstantiated claim, the magazine simply moves on from it without furnishing any proof of that type of behavior.

Gossip Cop looked into the allegation, and there's nothing to justify that one-line, out-of-the-blue slam of DiCaprio. Not one source from the set or individuals close to Tarantino could confirm that to us when we investigated. And as opposed to the trade publication, which based its information on an anonymous individual, DiCaprio's rep went on the record with us to deny the claim. Gossip Cop is exclusively told, "He did not request that no one be in his eyeline."

Equally significant is that in DiCaprio's more than three-decade career that's included 30-plus films and numerous other TV appearances, no one has ever publicly accused him of asking crew members to "avoid making eye contact with him." While it's true the actor prizes his privacy and rarely gives interviews, including declining to comment in the THR story, he's not known for being rude to those he works with. Also, while Tarantino was quoted in the piece about collaborating with DiCaprio, he only praised the Oscar-winner.

Perhaps because DiCaprio is such a professional, Gossip Cop has not had to debunk false rumors about him on set in the near-decade we've been in business. Most of the phony articles we've corrected about him are somehow related to his personal life. For instance, we recently busted a tabloid tale that untruthfully maintained DiCaprio and Brad Pitt were fighting over their co-star Margot Robbie. In reality, DiCaprio is dating model Camila Morrone; Robbie is happily married; and Pitt's relationship with the actress is purely platonic.

And before that nonsense, Gossip Cop shot down a report that wrongly insisted DiCaprio and Jennifer Aniston were dating after being introduced by Pitt. That, of course, was also a work of fiction. Much like the current article about DiCaprio not making eye contact with the crew of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, the aforementioned stories were similarly based on unidentifiable tipsters. If there's something to truly avoid, it's claims predicated on unknown sources.

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