Meghan Markle Throwing Kate Middleton Surprise Baby Shower?

Meghan Markle is throwing Kate Middleton a surprise baby shower, according to a made-up report from the same tabloid that has falsely claimed the expectant Duchess of Cambridge is having twins. Gossip Cop can bust this latest story. We're told no one legitimately connected to the royal family actually revealed any such party plans.

This tale was manufactured by Life & Style, which claims that with Middleton's due date "fast approaching," there is a "surprise waiting for her." A so-called "royal insider" is quoted as saying, "Meghan Markle is throwing Kate a no-expense-spared surprise baby shower." There's a few ways to tell, however, that this is a fake assertion. Firstly, no real source would need to say Meghan Markle's full name like that. It is entirely unnatural. Secondly, those connected to the monarchy usually refer to Middleton as "Catherine." And thirdly, if this was really intended to be a "surprise," no one would be spilling about the plans to a gossip magazine.

The outlet goes on to allege Markle is "teaming up" with Pippa Middleton for the purported event, which will supposedly be held at Kensington Palace, though, suspiciously, no date is given. Described as a "small affair" with only "10 of Kate's closest friends" and her mom Carole in attendance, the publication further contends that "a lot of the organizing duties… are falling on" Pippa since Markle is also busy planning her upcoming wedding. Still, the aforementioned "insider" maintains Markle is "spending a fortune on gifts" from Tiffany and Dior, as well as working with Pippa to "come up with a list of fun baby shower games." Opines the tabloid, "Guess our invite was lost in the mail!"

Actually, there were no invites at all since this storyline was all concocted by the magazine. And, incredibly, the outlet is still insisting Middleton is having twins, making references to "the little ones" and "babies" in the online version of this article. With Kensington Palace's help, Gossip Cop busted the twins claims back in October and again in February. We're actually looking forward to see whether the outlet will issue a well-deserved apology and correction when Middleton gives birth to just one baby next month.

As for this latest inaccurate story, it's worth remembering that Middleton didn't have a baby shower in 2013, nor was it ever legitimately reported that she had one in 2015. That further underscores the inauthenticity and lack of believability with this report. And while it's true Pippa is known for her party planning, any celebration she were to have with her sister and Markle would be kept private, not leaked in advance to a tabloid.

This is also the same publication that, as seen in our archives, has peddled seemingly fabricated pieces about Markle having an engagement party and going on "girls nights out" with Middleton. And though the magazine now asserts Markle is working alongside Pippa, in December it claimed Middleton's older sibling was jealous of the actress and concerned about her growing close with the Duchess. Life & Style is obviously keen to capitalize on the relationships between all three women and their respective milestones, but its inconsistent and dubious claims should be taken with a heavy dose of salt.

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