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Courteney Cox, a promising teen model, earned $350 for her first acting gig as a lucky fan plucked from the crowd in a Bruce Springsteen video. In 1985, in a tampon commercial, she made history as the first person to use the word "period" in a biological sense on U.S. TV and booked her first movie, the live-action Masters of The Universe. People took more notice when Cox started dating two famous Michaels in the late '80s — Michael J. Fox on Family Ties on TV and Michael Keaton in real life for 5 ½ years. But 1994 was the year that changed everything thanks to Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Friends. Although she originally went out for Rachel, she was cast as Monica. Obviously, there were no hard feelings as she became real-life besties with Jennifer "Rachel" Aniston and Aniston has appeared Cox's most recent TV ventures, Dirt, on which the ladies locked lips as rival tabloid editors, and Cougar Town. She also met another personal V.I.P. on a set — husband/baby daddy/producing partner David Arquette. They paired up on the set of Scream, married in 1999, started a production company in 2001 and welcomed daughter Coco a day before their fifth anniversary in 2004, the same year she said goodbye to Friends after 10 seasons. Unfortunately, happy days were behind them when they announced their separation in 2010 and then divorce in 2012. It didn't stop them from reprising their Scream roles in the franchise's 2011 fourth installment.