After a tough childhood with an alcoholic father and lupus-stricken mother, high schooler Joel Madden started punk-pop band Good Charlotte with his twin brother Benji after attending a Beastie Boys concert. They made their first recording using a home karaoke machine in 1996, back when Madden's nerves were so intense he'd perform with his back to the audience. Despite "Little Things" becoming a local hit in Philadelphia after a DJ got a hold of the home recording, their Epic debut in 1999 failed to go wide. Their 2002 sophomore CD, The Young & The Hopeless, which included singles like "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous" and "The Anthem," faired much better, allowing the band to tour the planet and nab the cover of Rolling Stone and Madden to connect with his first famous flame Hilary Duff. Despite the image and age difference (8 years), the couple last for more than two years. After a three-year hiatus, Good Charlotte released their fifth studio album, 2010's Cardiology. Selling more than 9 million records worldwide is certainly an accomplishment, but a greater feat under Madden's belt may be his taming of notorious party girl with a DUI Nicole Richie in 2006. The socialite and the singer made grandpa Lionel Richie dance on the ceiling when they welcomed daughter Harlow in 2008 and son Sparrow in 2009 and made it official at his LA pad in 2010 in front of guests like Gwen Stefani and Samantha Ronson.