Selena Gomez "Shocked" Justin Bieber Married Hailey Baldwin Is Made-Up Story

A story alleging Selena Gomez "never imagined" Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin would get married, and that she was shocked they did, is entirely made-up. Gossip Cop is told no one from Gomez's camp is sharing her feelings about anything involving her ex-boyfriend. This latest piece of fiction about the singer's reaction to Bieber's marriage comes from a site that maintained just a month ago that Gomez was "happy" about the wedding news.


Not surprisingly, this new questionable story was crafted by HollywoodLife, a site Gomez herself has called "the worst." According to that blog, which is sometimes referred to as HollywoodLies, even though Gomez knew Bieber got engaged to Baldwin, "Selena didn't think Justin and Hailey would ever pull the trigger and actually make it down the aisle." To make it seem like its claims have some legitimacy, the outlet quotes what it calls a "source close" to Gomez as saying, "Selena was in complete shock when she heard that Justin and Hailey actually followed through with their marriage… She never thought in a million years that Justin would actually do it."

Why would it be a "shock" that someone who's engaged would get married? It would actually be a "shock" if someone "close" to the "Hands To Myself" singer was really leaking her inner thoughts to a site Gomez has previously slammed on Instagram as "never true. Ever."

Among the many problems HollywoodLies has is that it manufactures so many fibs about celebrities, like Gomez and Bieber, it can't keep track of its whoopers. But Gossip Cop can and does.

In direct contrast to its current report was a piece the blog published right after Baldwin and Bieber's engagement was announced. In fact, Gossip Cop busted that article, which was titled, "Selena Gomez: Why She's Hoping Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Get Married Soon." In that similarly concocted tale, the website quoted yet another untraceable Gomez source who asserted, "She just wants the wedding to happen so it's a done deal in her rear-view mirror."

And worse than that was a report a month ago about how Gomez was "happy" when she heard Bieber married Baldwin. In that fabricated story, a conveniently unnamed "source" contended, with her ex wed to another woman, Gomez "feels like she can FINALLY move on." That's far different from the new claims.

The reality is HollywoodLife makes up a lot of stories about Bieber and Gomez. Many of those tall tales simply don't pan out (and are provably wrong over time), while others just tend to contradict themselves. It's no "shock" that the latest article about Gomez's reaction to Bieber getting married to Baldwin conflicts with its previous reports.

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