Lisa Rinna opened up about her ever-changing lips in the Today show Monday.

"That's the pink elephant in the room," admitted the actress, who was promoting her new book Rinnavation, in stores today. "My whole career I've been known for my lips.

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"There are things that I've done that I've never talked about, that I've learned so much from," she continues.

Rinna was inspired by Barbara Hershey's looks in Beaches when she decided to get injections.

"Twenty-three years ago, it was like going to have a tattoo," she says. "I had silicone put in my top lip...I was just dumb enough and gullible enough to say, 'Wow that's fantastic'...and go ahead and do it.

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"I don't regret doing it because it made me who I am," continues Rinna.

Now, her lips "get a little hard with the scar tissue and you have to put a little cortisone in it, which is gross. I do not blow up and down my lips -- they are the way they are."

Rinna says she has "not cut [her face] ever. I talk about doing a little Juvederm, but everyone does a little filler, a little botox: fine, whatever."

The actress also opens up about her decision to have her breasts done after having her second child.

"It does sound very superficial, but I lost my sex drive after having my children. I knew I had to do something or I would lose [husband] Harry Hamlin...I was going to live my life non-sexual.

"The girls were really unattractive, and I wanted to feel like a woman again, and I think your breasts are so attached to your sexuality," she continues."

The 45-year-old now flaunts her body on the cover of the newest issue of Playboy. What does she think of the pics?

"I love them! Are you kidding me? When I'm 85, I can look back and say, 'Honey, I looked good!'" she says.