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Jealous much? Ashley Greene pushed her makeup aside as she posted a makeup-free selfie of herself with friend Joseph Chase via Instagram on Saturday.

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"Dirty thirty birthday morning. This is where it all starts. Love you," Greene wrote in honor of the hair stylist's special day. In the snapshot, the "Twilight" alum looks fresh-faced as she cozies up to birthday boy Chase next to pillows.

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The Florida native, 27, opened up about her beauty secrets to Allure magazine in 2011.

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"Mark has something called Get a Tint, and it's a mix between foundation and lotion, with a little bit of a bronze. Florida girls gotta have a tan!" the Mark ambassador said at the time. For her lips, she swears by the brand's stay on lip stain. "It's not super shiny and it's not sticky, because that drives me insane."

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As for her shiny brunette locks? Less is more. "I don't put a lot of products in my hair, and I try not to use heat. Ted Gibson is my hairstylist, and he's incredible," she said. "His hair spray is the one that I use the most. I use his shampoo and conditioner now, too."