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After their surprisingly uncomfortable Glamour Q&A, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson continued to promote "Fifty Shades of Grey" at a fan screening in New York Friday morning, where the two -- again -- appeared to be just as awkward with one another as they could possibly get.

Though Dakota, 25, and Jamie, 32, obviously posed together for photos, the two looked less than warm, appearing stiff and flashing painful smiles. Perhaps most telling of all, they barely looked at one another.

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Dakota, clad in a furry Balenciaga ensemble, didn't do much to dispel the uneasy vibe during an interview with the "Today" show at the screening. Watch how Carson Daly and Natalie Morales practically have to coax her to talk.

Meanwhile, Jamie addressed the awkwardness of filming a movie filled with sex scenes.

"I mean, they were uncomfortable to a point, but you know, we were surrounded by people that we had built the trust with and that we respect, so I think that we all got it to a place where we actually took the discomfort out of it, and we just got to see it and approach it in a professional way and enjoy it," he said.

But though the "Fifty Shades of Grey" press tour hasn't been the best, clearly, fans of the book could care less. Pre-sales for the highly publicized film adaptation of E.L. James' steamy tale indicate that it is now the fastest-selling R movie ever in the 15-year history of Fandango.

And according to director Sam Taylor-Johnson, the film adaptations of part two and three in the erotic series are definitely on their way.

"That's next," she smiled.

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