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By Michelle Lanz

Actress Debi Mazar's character in "Entourage" is a no-nonsense publicist with an acid tongue that even Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven's character) can't match. She's much nicer (but still as talkative) in person, as Wonderwall discovered when we ran into her at the Tarina Tarantino Beauty launch exclusively by Sephora on Wednesday night. The impeccably dressed actress opened up about her unusual beauty secrets, plastic surgery and her pal Madonna's upcoming stint on the TV show "The Marriage Ref."

Wonderwall: Do you have any unusual beauty secrets?

Debi Mazar: Ok, this is a very unusual secret, and hear me I speak. I'm 45, I have smoked, I drink and I eat carbs and when I'm five pounds too heavy is when I look my best in my face. And thats is my big beauty secret, to be a little bit puffy. I drink red wine and I think its really good for my look, its an antioxidant, it makes me happy and I also retain a little water weight and it helps me smooth out my lines.

WW: So you've never whipped up your own beauty product?

DM: I make my own cream that I make out of olive oil which I get from my farm in Italy. I'm going to be bringing it to the U.S. this year. So that's how I keep my skin looking nice after having two babies and gaining 80 lbs per baby.

WW: Speaking of beauty, what do you think of these girls getting outrageous amounts of plastic surgery?

DM: I think plastic surgery is great. I think people should do whatever the f--- they want. You wanna pick it up, you wanna plump it up, you wanna look like cat woman, go for it. You have one life and I think women should look like their age, but look fresh. Plastic surgery is great, but I think you should have board certified, you should wait and do it when you're in your '50s, if somebody wants to fix their nose because they've hated it their whole life go and do it and stop waiting. You might end up with a bad job by the way but that's the chance you take so choose your surgeon carefully, but it's great.

WW: Have you had any work done?

DM: I haven't done anything on my face yet. I would but I haven't gotten there yet.

WW: Your pal Madonna is going to be a judge on the TV show "The Marriage Ref." How do you think she'll do?

DM: I can't wait to see it. I think she'll make a great judge. She's a woman who believes in love and has fallen in love with really intense men and she's very spiritually enlightened and has had a lot of great relationships with a lot of interesting people. I think she's got a lot to say about love and trying to make longevity happen. I wanna be on it. I have a 10-year marriage and it's great. We still have sex!

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