"I could live inside my bag!" Denise Richards, 42, star of ABC Family's Twisted (Tuesdays, 9 P.M.) jokes about her Alice + Olivia leather tote. Armed with everything from her Kai perfume to snacks for her daughters, Sam, 9, Lola, 8, and Eloise, 2, the single mom swears, "I use everything I have on me." Such as?

Sweet Sendoff

"The girls always draw me pictures before I go away. Eloise scribbles, so I have something from her too."

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Tuned In

"I have the iPhone iHome speakers. They're great for hotel rooms - and I use them a lot in my trailer at work."

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That's Fresh!

"I carry a toothbrush and use Marvis' green mint toothpaste after every meal."

Put a Sock in It

"I hate taking my shoes off at security and being barefoot in the middle of the airport. So if I'm wearing sandals or heels, I'll slip on socks before I have to walk through the metal detectors."

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Chew on This!

"My kids and I love pretzels. The salt is all over the bottom of my bag. We also have a gum ball machine in the house, so I always have pink Dubble Bubble gumballs on me!"

This article originally appeared on Usmagazine.com: Denise Richards: What's In My Bag?