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Chris Harrison, you may want to stop listening. Kaitlyn Bristowe, ditto!

Former "Bachelorette" Ali Fedotowksy star had some interesting things to say about the popular ABC reality show, but it's not something that producers or contestants probably want to hear.

"I don't believe you actually completely fall in love on the show, that's just my theory," she said during a "Bachelor" reunion special on "Good Morning America." "I think you fall in lust."

Actual real love, though, she said, can come a little down the road.

"I think that once you choose your final one, then your heart really can fall in love," she told her "Bachelor" host and GMA co-anchor Lara Spencer.

Ali found love, having gotten engaged to Roberto Martinez on the Season 6 finale, but the two split in 2011 after 18 months together.

While critics have long questioned the format and authenticity of the show, Ali did defend it, saying one "can definitely be [in love] with two people."

Her comments come a few days before viewers will see who current "Bachelorette" star, Kaitlyn, will choose from between suitors Nick Viall and Shawn Booth (if she chooses either.)

The current season has been marred with controversy, especially after Kaitlyn admitted to having sex with Nick once cameras stopped rolling. She was publicly shamed online and she even said she received death threats.

"I knew there was going to be magazines with crazy headlines," she previously said. "I prepared myself. I definitely have tough skin, but when people are calling you names like slut, it hurts. It's been really hard."

The former dance teacher continued, "It's 2015. How is this still an issue where if a woman [has sex], it's wrong, and if a man does, it's right? To me, it wasn't some crazy thing I was doing."