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Jennifer Aniston is closing in on her one-year anniversary with Justin Theroux, and she's received the usual thoughtful gift from the tabloids: speculation that she's knocked up and headed down the aisle.

"Jen: Pregnant Bride!" trumpets the latest issue of Star magazine, which claims the actress is "in the early stages of pregnancy" and plans to get hitched this summer in a lavish, star-studded ceremony in Greece.

The tab has narrowed down the location to two scenic spots on the island of Crete, where Aniston's actor dad, John, was born, and says she's getting aisle-walk assistance from her "cousin," Antonis Anastassakis.

"We are already preparing for the wedding celebration," Anastassakis (that's Aniston's original surname) is stiltedly quoted as saying. "We will have a blast for sure."

And, of course, Jen's pals will purportedly trek halfway around the world to watch her become Mrs. Theroux, most likely in a blue-domed chapel.

"All her famous girlfriends will be there to support Jen, including Sheryl Crow, Chelsea Handler, Laura Dern and Courteney Cox, whose daughter, Coco, will be the flower girl," alleges a source.

The would-be bride and groom will also supposedly exchange "special gold bands" engraved with their names.

Sounds lovely, right?

Alas, you should hold off on raising a glass of Ouzo and shouting "Opa!" in Jen and Justin's honor, because her rep tells us the nuptial story is a big fat fake.

"I lost count how many times Star has had her pregnant," Aniston's spokesman tells Wonderwall. "This new story is false just like the rest. There is no wedding in Greece, and we are not even sure who that person is who claims to be her cousin."

Star does have a habit of filling up Aniston's womb with babies. Since December, the mag has twice featured cover stories announcing her impending stork delivery of twins, and it has repeatedly claimed she's either expecting or adopting.


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