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Looks like our hopes for a buddy comedy starring Clint Eastwood as a grizzled, about-to-retire cop and Jonah Hill as his wisecracking new partner won't be happening anytime soon. The newly minted in-laws will soon be no more, because Clint's daughter, Francesca, 20, has decided to get an annulment after marrying Jonah's big brother, Jordan Feldstein, 35, on Nov. 17 in a quickie, Elvis-adjacent Las Vegas ceremony, reports TMZ.

According to insiders, the vow-swap came about, as so many Sin City weddings seem to, after a night of excessive drinking.

"They haven't even been dating that long," a source told Us Weekly, which says the wedding came after a "wild night" on the town. "They didn't know what they were doing," chimes in another spy.

Francesca had "immediate regrets" about the wedding, adds TMZ, and she's been photographed in the ensuing days sans wedding ring. The blonde, however, insists she doesn't drink, so it's unclear what led to her impromptu decision to walk down the aisle.

Feldstein, who manages the likes of Maroon 5, Adam Levine and Robin Thicke, was recently targeted by a salacious website after his alleged ex-girlfriend shared intimate photos of him and complained about his treatment of her. The site's operator claims Hill offered him a generous cash settlement if he removed the offending post. It currently remains up.

Francesca, who was this year's Miss Golden Globe, was previously involved with photographer Tyler Shields.


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