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Did Selena Gomez's family cringe right along with the rest of us over footage of her pas de deux with a shirtless, saggy-pantsed Justin Bieber during their Texas rendezvous this week? People mag says the Gomez clan is "concerned" now that the repeat exes are once again hanging out.

"Selena has chosen Justin over her family in the past," explains a source. "They are disappointed about that."

The starlet, 21, spent part of January in rehab, purportedly in part to help her work through Bieber-related problems. Selena sought treatment shortly after she was snapped riding Segways with Justin, an outing that was said to be the "final straw" for her family (Segways have that effect on people).

"Her father has told her he doesn't like her spending time with him," adds the insider.

He's not alone. Us Weekly says Taylor Swift is ready to revoke Selena's BFF status because she's "disgusted" over the rekindled flame.

Of course, the disapproval could turn Bieber into forbidden fruit -- wholly unappetizing forbidden fruit. Besides, if his petulant, contentious behavior during his taped deposition last week didn't send red flags a-flapping for Selena, other warnings probably won't sink in.

Speaking of the deposition, the damage control has already begun over the leaked footage, which shows Justin getting into a huff when asked about Gomez, Usher and other subjects he considers off-limits.

According to the New York Post, the trouble-magnet popster, 20, "believes he was set up … by lawyers who baited him with insulting questions and planned all along to leak the tape to humiliate him."

Bieber was in the hot seat over a lawsuit that contends his bodyguard assaulted a photographer.

"The video was leaked so quickly that Justin's legal team believes it was all a setup," alleges a spy. "He was being harassed with extremely strange questions, and the chosen clips that were released, which show Justin to be frustrated, happened four and a half hours into the deposition."

Not that he didn't have moments of clarity, especially when he unwittingly declared, "I think I was detrimental to my own career."

Bieber's legal team is apparently considering asking the judge to look into whether anyone in the photographer's camp profited from the tape.


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