Uffe Kongsted / Fame Pictures / Wonderwall 1 / 6
Uffe Kongsted / Fame Pictures / Wonderwall 1 / 6

By Michelle Lanz

OK, it's not quite official, but rumors abound that bubbly singer Katy Perry, 24, is secretly dating British comedian/lady killer Russell Brand, 34. Katy and Russell were first romantically linked after the VMAs, when they were seen kissing at Lady GaGa's afterparty at New York night spot Avenue. Now, the British Sun newspaper reports that the pair recently returned from a romantic rendezvous in Thailand.

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Wow, they move fast.

After the VMAs, Russell apparently sent Katy a love poem asking her to send one back. Did she write a beautiful sonnet? Did she write about love, and puppies, and flowers?

Of course not! She did what any former contemporary Christian singer would do: She sent him a photo of her boobs with the word "poem" across it.

An unnamed source tells The Sun that, "Russell couldn't stop laughing ... the next minute [he] picked up the phone and invited her to Thailand for a secret getaway."

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Katy's friends have warned her about Russell's less-than-faithful past, but she doesn't seem to mind, so far. The same mysterious source claims that, "Despite his reputation, Katy thinks Russell is so charming she just wants to give things a go with him. She thinks he is hilarious and incredibly sexy."

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Anyway, the couple returned from their Thai getaway, and Katy revealed a hint that she'd been with Russell via Twitter: "After a week in magical Thailand I'm ready 2 face the real world again." And then, mentioning three of Russell's favorite icons, she continued: "Been schooled on Morrissey, Oscar Wilde & Peter Sellers... inspired."

Russell also couldn't keep his tweets to himself, saying, "I'm in Thailand is it right for non Buddhists to visit temples? Is it ok to snog the statues? Or claim to be the reincarnated Sidartha? Help!"

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Can't just be a coincidence that these two happened to be in the same place, right? We think not. And we actually think they might be kinda cute together.