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By Michelle Lanz

Jessica Simpson is back on the media express train to promote her new show "The Price of Beauty," and she's already having to talk about her weight, love life and John Mayer. Ya know, things that don't have much to do with her new show. Nevertheless, Jessica's appearance on Barbara Walters' Sirius XM Radio show "Here's Barbara" got right down to the meaty details:

On how it felt to hear people criticize her weight:

"It really stripped me of my own inner strength and my own confidence. I was on stage every night and trying to still be an entertainer and a performer and try to act like I was completely unaffected. But I was lying to myself. Because it does hurt. That harsh criticism. It's really hard to filter."

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On how she's not trying to be a model:

"I'm a size four. I think people are looking at what models look like. I am not a model. I am 5'3. I don't look like a model. That is not my profession."

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On how she's not trying to change her natural curves:

"I don't diet. I used to count calories. I watch what I eat, but I also let myself indulge. I know that men like their curves. I always say 'I'll give them something to grab onto.' I don't find it healthy to. I could probably lose weight and still be healthy. But I don't obsess about it anymore. I think women dress more for other women. I think that they want to be in shape more for other women."

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On what she'll do if she doesn't have a husband to make a baby with by 40:

"I'm going to have Ken [Paves]'s baby."

On what's going on between her and Billy Corgan:

"Right now, I am very single. Billy is a dear, dear friend of mine. I adore him. I love him very much. We will always be friends. He will always be in my life. He is a great spiritual leader and just a phenomenal guy. But, right now, I'm single. But I have been getting a lot of phone calls which is nice."

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On what she looks for in a guy:

"I want a confident man. A man who understands me and can deal with my life and is not embarrassed of my life. And can support my life. And allow me to be a powerful woman. And allow me to be powerful in the relationship. I'm not going to give up my role in this life to just be a housewife. What is attractive to me about a man is a man's spirituality. Just the way that he carries himself. I kind of like a rough man a little bit. A man's man."