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Jamie McCarthy / WireImage 1 / 9

By Melissa Hunter, with reporting by Robbie Sokolowsky

With the Sundance fest, comes a fleet of indie stars invading Utah. Wonderwall got a chance to chat with one of our favorite enduring actresses, Juliette Lewis. Aside from promoting her new film "Sympathy for Delicious" with Orlando Bloom, Lewis was honored for her work this weekend at Gen Art and Kenneth Cole's 2nd Annual Black Party.

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Wonderwall asked Lewis if she's ever been honored like this before. "Well, I've been nominated for stuff before," she said. "That was an honor." But as an honoree specifically? "Well let me think. No, I don't think so!"

She joked about how she felt when she heard she was being honored saying, "Well, I felt very honored! Actually, I was very happy to be appreciated and acknowledged. You know, I'm an underdog and any time someone shows you acknowledgment, its great. You know, I'm humble."

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When asked if she was wearing Kenneth Cole for the occasion, fashionista Juliette told us, "I'm not, but I will be soon! Tomorrow I'll be wearing a maroon KC turtleneck that's beautiful."

And we were curious, what does Gen Art and Kenneth Cole give her as an award? A super-stylish trophy or hipster medal? "Just some loud music and maybe a beer," she explained.

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Well, hope they gave at least three beers and a slug of tequila for her work. She deserves it!