@justinbieber / Instagram 1 / 11
@justinbieber / Instagram 1 / 11

By Us Weekly

No white flag here. Justin Bieber isn't backing down from his apparent feud with Orlando Bloom.

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After the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor, 37, and the "Boyfriend" singer, 20, nearly came to blows at Ibiza hotspot Cipriani on July 30, Bieber took to his Instagram to taunt the actor with a very telling photo.

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The photo was of Bloom appearing to cry at the opening night of "Romeo & Juliet" in September 2013. Bieber left it without a caption, but his message was pretty clear.

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Earlier in the day, following the alleged altercation, the singer posted an image of Bloom's ex Miranda Kerr in a bikini, only to delete it a short time later. Sources tell Us Weekly that the incident in Ibiza started when Bieber made a comment about Kerr to Bloom.