How many ways are there to say 'hello'? Karolina Kurkova's 3-year-old son, Tobin Jack, already knows quite a few of them. Speaking English at home with his Czech Republic-born mom and actor/producer dad Archie Drury, the little boy is also getting a language lesson at his New York City preschool.

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"He's learning Spanish and Mandarin -- for a three year old. So that's pretty cool," Kurkova, 29, told Us Weekly at a recent event promoting her new Oxygen modeling reality series The Face. "He's incredible. Good in everything he does -- sports, music. He's a cool kid. He's my buddy."

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Music is one pastime New York City-based Kurkova says her son -- born Oct. 29, 2009 -- takes to the extreme, especially when Korean breakout artist Psy is involved.

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"His favorite thing is the "Gangnam Style" song -- he plays it all the time, super loud," Kurkova told Jay Leno of Tobin, who mispronounces the title in Spanish, calling it 'como estas.' "He goes around the playground with my iPhone -- really loud -- and he goes to all the kids [singing] como estas, como estas. [When he does the dance, he looks] like an elephant," explains mom. "It's so cute."

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