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NEW YORK (AP) -- Kate Gosselin says her estranged husband has withdrawn $230,000 from their joint bank account, leaving just $1,000 behind, and she can't pay her bills.

The reality TV personality appeared Monday on NBC's "Today" show and said she and her husband, Jon, did the show "Jon & Kate Plus Eight" as a way to pay the bills after their sextuplets were born. They already had twins.

She responded to her husband's allegations last week that their children wanted to stop filming for the show, which takes place mostly in their Pennsylvania home.

She said: "The things you hear him say on TV I have never heard from him. They don't even sound like his words."

Gosselin says she doesn't know what their children said to their father, but when she told them over the weekend that filming would stop, there was "wailing and sobbing."