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By Dana Flax

Better watch your back, Obama.

In an interview on "Peter Mehlman's Narrow World of Sports," basketball deity Kobe Bryant mentioned casually that he could probably just take that presidency chore off of his hands any day now.

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"Well, I have [President Obama's] brain already," joked Bryant. "And I have the physical skills that I have, so I'm good."

Hmm, sounds like someone's still a nursing a bruised ego over some choice words the prez had to say about someone's game.

Bryant declared further, "Foreign policy and all that stuff; I can take care of it. You can just swear me in."

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Well, considering he had just about everyone in the world cheering for USA basketball at the Olympics, maybe Kobe's onto something. Although, let's be real, the Lakers are holding on to that kid until his knees start wobbling or he finally disappears in a giant pile of money.

Mehlman, a former "Seinfeld" writer and producer, also asked Kobe his tactics for a one-on-one game against Osama bin Laden.

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"I'd dunk right in his face," Bryant joked, adding an emphatic, "Bow!"

Congrats, Kobe, sounds like you've already got the first item for your foreign policy agenda.

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