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Matthew McConaughey is enraging animal rights activists -- or rather, a ranch he owns in Texas is.

The actor is a co-owner of the LP Ranch in Mertzon, Texas, a ranch that breeds and sells horses and cattle. But it's another option that has ranch workers dealing with death threats -- the ranch offers on-property deer hunting, where the deer are fenced in.

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Matt's nephew, Madison, who serves as the ranch cattle manager, told TMZ that the ranch has been inundated with negativity and workers have received death threats.

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The ranch, according to it's website, has been operating whitetail deer hunting excursions since 2007. The property has a "high fence" that keep the animals within the grounds, the website touts.

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Hunters, the ranch says, can stay on property at a 5,000 sq. ft. bunk house that has food, a tavern, and even a pool table.

For now, the ranch isn't apologizing or back down from what it offers.

"People are disgusted with us but we're disgusted with them." Madison told TMZ, saying people come for a "hunting experience."

He continued, "We're proud of what we do."