Sandra Bullock's Cajun cookie is in for a treat this Christmas!

The actress joked to Access Hollywood that her nearly 2-year-old son Louis "gets nothing. Not a thing."

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"The less you give, the less they'll expect," the 47-year-old quipped. "And that way, if I give him nothing, he won't remember and he won't expect it next year and it's cheaper." 

In reality, the Oscar-winner told Access Hollywood little Louis' holiday was going to be "a little ridiculous."

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"I want the photo ops to be really great because he's not going to remember it, but he'll remember it by the photos and when he’s 16 and says, 'I hate you — you're a horrible mother,'" she laughed. "I'll go, 'Do you see this Christmas? Do you see that I got you that life-size lion? Shut up! Get in your room and do your homework. I was a good mother then.'"

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In addition to stuffed animals and play toys, Bullock has purchased Louis an Andy Warhol painting (for $14,000) and two paintings by artist Patrick Roberts. 

So does Bullock plan on having more babies to pamper in the future? "I don't know," she admitted. "I'm so blessed with what I have."

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