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Over the past week, Scott Disick's partying ways have led him from 1OAK and Soho House in New York to a beach in Miami. Judging from TMZ's photos along the way, Disick's been flanked, as he often is, by a gaggle of models.

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But one young woman in particular -- 18-year-old Lindsay Vrckovnik -- appears to have become extra-close to the maligned reality star. One photo published by the website shows Disick, 32, reclining on a chaise while a bikini-clad Vrckovnik drapes herself over his lap. Although the pair appear to be mid-conversation with at least two other pals, the pic sparked TMZ to report Vrckovnik and Disick have been getting pretty "nuzzly" for platonic friends.

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That aspect of the report is now rubbing Vrckovnik the wrong way.

It seems the teenaged model has a boyfriend back home in Canada and she's concerned he's getting the wrong idea from the photos, which she says are "misleading."

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According to TMZ, Vrckovnik is "telling friends" she's "not sleeping with or dating" Disick. Rather, she reportedly maintains she only just met Disick in New York while hanging out with a larger group of models. Eventually, they all decided to head to Miami -- and Disick joined them. Multiple photos on Instagram and in various entertainment news outlets show the pair sticking close to one another in both Miami and New York.

As for Vrckovnik's claim that she just met Disick, TMZ reports she attended a party with the reality star back in July -- the same month Disick's ex and the mother of his children, Kourtney Kardashian, ended their relationship.