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We all knew Amy Winehouse's recent kiss and cuddle with ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil wasn't leading anywhere good. But is it taking them straight to Sin City?

The London Sun says the onetime singer is looking to retake the plunge with her former spouse in a "quickie ceremony" in Las Vegas.

The only thing seemingly standing in the way of a sequel to their Miami-set vow-swap in May 2007, which turned out so well that the tattooed twosome divorced last year after a dysfunctional run of unprecedented proportions? Amy is allegedly awaiting a green light on her visa application.

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"They will definitely be getting married and have agreed on Vegas," maintains an insider. "Amy doesn't want a traditional ceremony and wants it to be similar to their first wedding. She chose not to marry in Miami again because she thinks it could be a bad omen. She can't stop talking to people about their future together."

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But it looks like there's no need to chip in for a gravy boat and a year's supply of intensive couples therapy just yet.

A Winehouse confidant assures the London Daily Mirror that because jailbird Fielder-Civil remains in a court-ordered rehab program, he's not getting hitched anytime soon.

"It's basically rubbish," insists the snitch. "If and when Amy applies for a visa, it will be for work. Blake's rehab means he's not going to be rushing into marriage. So planning a wedding in Vegas within weeks is not only not wanted by them both, it's also impossible!"

Winehouse, who was recently rumored to be planning a knot re-tying in the Caribbean, reportedly just plunked down $3.7 million for a palatial spread in her old London stomping ground of Camden, which she's supposedly been calling "our home."

"Amy and Blake have cleaned up their act and want a fresh start," chimes in an unduly optimistic source to the Sun (recent drug test results would make this assertion a bit more believable). "She picked the new pad because it is big enough to be a family home."

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That seems to contradict what Fielder-Civil said in an interview last month, when he boasted that Winehouse was wearing a Tiffany ring he bought her during their first time around.

"We talk about going away somewhere and getting married ... We've decided we'll take things slowly. We want to get things right this time," he told Heat magazine. "It wouldn't make sense for me to move in with Amy. We were addicts together and were very co-dependent. It would be irresponsible for us to move in together straight away."

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