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With tough times ahead of them, it seems that Teresa and Joe Giudice are slowly beginning to come apart, according to a recent report.

"Teresa and Joe's emotional connection is fading," a family insider told Us Weekly. "Resentment is creeping in. There is an icy distance."

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Contrition and tension between the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" stars is understandable after they both received separate jail sentences in a federal fraud case, which will take Teresa away from her four daughters for 15 months, after which her husband will serve 41 months. And on Thursday, the hits just kept coming for Teresa when her partnership with Wine Wave, an importer of wines and spirits, came to an abrupt end in light of the felony conviction. The terminated business relationship was the second she has lost this week. On Tuesday Teresa lost an endorsement deal with "Fabulicious Gelato" bars.

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Personally, though, it's more difficult. The pressure of the looming jail sentence is particularly tough for Teresa, the source said, because she isn't confident that her husband can raise the kids properly without her.

Teresa "expects him to step up and learn the girls' schedules," the insider told the magazine. "But he hasn't shown interest." And if she complains, the source adds, "Joe says Teresa is nagging."

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But they are fighting for their marriage, regardless of how arduous it is.

"Splitting up would cause the kids turmoil," another friend told Us. "She wouldn't bring them more harm."