After 10 countries, 20 cities and more than 30,000 miles, Chicagoans Ernie Halvorsen and Cindy Chiang have won The Amazing Race!

The engaged couple came in first on the CBS hit's Sunday night finale, beating out finalists Jeremy and Sandy and Amani and Marcus for the top prize and ultimate bragging rights.

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Arriving first at the pit stop map in Atlanta, Ga., the pair navigated the city during a serious of final challenges, which included piloting a flight simulator, among others.

Named season 19's champs, Chiang, 30, and her fiance, 29, have big plans for their big prize.

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"We'd really like to create an organization that would help to really multiply the million and really help those who are really in need," Chiang told host Phil Keoghan after her win. "We've been around the world, and all of us have met the most amazing people. We're so happy, but they just need a little bit extra. We want to be able to help inspire them to live a better life and contribute to the global economy."

While Chiang and Halvorsen were genuinely shocked at being named the winners, Chiang says her family had a feeling they'd take it all.

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"My parents would probably say 'I knew you'd win,'" she told Keoghan. "My parents definitely have an expectation for me to be perfect and achieve the best and be the brightest, smartest, fastest student. And hopefully, we've shown them that we really are the best team together."

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