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Amanda Peterson, the star of "Can't Buy Me Love," died of a drug overdose, it was confirmed in a toxicology report.

The Weld County Coroner in Colorado said on Sept. 2 the former actress had multiple prescription drugs in her system, including anti-anxiety mediation, an anti-psychotic medication, and opiates She also had marijuana in her system. The combination proved to be fatal.

Amanda was found dead on July 5, a day after she disappeared.

In the toxicology report, which said Amanda was "naive to opiates," it states that a week before her death she told someone she ingested morphine medication that she got from friends. Amanda apparently had been self-medicating to control pain. The report said her death was a "morphine effect," which causes respiratory failure.

Amanda also had a pain medication called Gabapentin in her system, but she had six times the normal level.

After gaining fame on the big screen, opposite Patrick Dempsey, Amanda's life took a downward turn and she was arrested multiple times for drug use. She had been arrested four times between 2000 and 2012, her most recent arrest coming in May 2012 from a DUI and possession of narcotic equipment.

The findings will certainly come as a solemn shock to her family who were adamant that Amanda wasn't using drugs.

After the death, Silvia Peterson, Amanda's mother, insisted that her daughter had been clean for some time and her death isn't related to drug use. "This was not, in any way, a drug thing," she said.

Silvia, at the time of death, believed that sleep apnea was to blame.