In Fergie's new, star-studded "M---$" video, a barely dressed, uber-hour-glass-shaped Kim Kardashian West pours milk all over her bod in one of the many R-rated scenes that accompany Fergie's lyrical play on the phrase "milk money."

🍼 Milf $ 🍼

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Click on the hashtag that appears alongside Instagram clips from the video, however, and one of the first pics that pops up will be of Amy Schumer. And while Kim, Chrissy Teigen and Fergie's other moms-turned-video vixens have "got m---," it looks like all Amy's got is the munchies.

In the pic, which garnered more than 62,000 likes in 24 hours, the "Inside Amy" star holds a frozen burrito over her eye while lifting what looks like a chocolate treat to her lips.

"Saturday! Icing my face with a frozen burrito, swollen from eating popcorn while eating a cookie," she captioned the shot, adding the hashtags, "#mil-money" (sans family-friendly censorship, of course) and "#balmain," a likely dig at Kim, whose family is so obsessed with the fashion house that her daughter, North West, has been wearing custom Balmain designs almost since infancy.

"Good to know someone else suffers from my affliction," one approving fan commented on the post.

"GOALS," declared another.

Later in the day, Amy tossed a second #Balmain tag -- along with a sarcastic shout-out to super skinny models Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid -- on a pic of her with her sister, Kim, in a pool.

The #HadidSisters" and "#eattoeat"-tagged post understandably got plenty of love for its creative use of hashtags, which as usual inspired a slew of "LOLs" and other webspeak chuckles.

#NeverChange #AmySchumer.