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Anna Duggar isn't even close to giving up on her marriage to her embattled husband Josh Duggar.

On the season premiere of "Counting On," Anna appeared upbeat, even happy when discussing the state of her marriage.

"Personally, I have a lot of hope for our marriage, and so as I see Josh taking steps to do what's right, it brings a lot of joy and helps heal the pain that we walked through," she told the camera. "We are just taking it one day at a time … and working on strengthening our relationship as a couple and with our children."

Last year, many wondered if Anna would leave Josh after he admitted to cheating on her, also claiming he had an addiction to pornography. Anna, however, stay with him as he attended a faith-based rehab and returned home.

That wasn't the only change in the Duggar's lives. It was revealed this week that Jessa (Duggar) Seewald and her husband Ben are expecting another child. The duo already shares son Spurgeon.

"We are overjoyed to announce that Spurgeon has a new title in life as 'big brother'! We are so thankful that God is adding to our family," the couple said in a statement. "2017 is shaping up to be a wonderful year already and we know Spurgeon will do a great job in his new role. Having Spurgeon has been such a wonderful blessing and we cannot wait to see the face of this sweet new baby (or babies!)."

In the episode, which was taped before the pregnancy reveal, Jessa and Ben revisited plans to adopt, something they have long talked about doing. Last year, their adoption plans were put on hold after Jessa became pregnant.

The adoption agency that they were using had a policy that all of the children in the household had to be a minimum of 9 months old before the parents could begin the adoption process.

Before the couple's first child, Jessa said of her and her husband, "I think we'll complete each other very well in our parenting styles."

Her family certainly has a lot of practice.