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Despite the fact that he cheated on her -- possibly with multiple women -- Anna Duggar still has a soft spot for her embattled husband, Josh Duggar.

In Touch magazine reports in its newest issue that Anna visited Josh at rehab just before Thanksgiving. The report said that it's the first time she has visited her husband at the Illinois-based Reformers Unanimous facility since he confessed to cheating on her and having a porn addiction.

"She had a lot to discuss with Josh," the source said. "She thought it best that she go alone so she decided not to bring the kids, except Meredith because she is still breastfeeding."

The meeting, the magazine says, went well.

"She believes everything Josh says," a source told the magazine. "She actually thinks he's getting better."

Josh has been a lightning rod in public and even within his family after his self-admitted hypocritical lifestyle came to light. In August, it was revealed that the family-values advocate had multiple accounts on, a website that facilities affairs. That report came a few months after Josh admitted that he molested five girls as a teenager, including four of his younger sisters.

He eventually checked into sex rehab.

Through it all, Anna stayed with Josh, despite pleas from some family members to leave him.

"Seeing Josh was really hard for Anna," the source tells the magazine. "She cried about how much she misses him and teared up while they prayed."

Anna's November visit came after porn star Danica Dillon filed an assault lawsuit against Josh for $500,000 for essentially having rough sex in March and April.

"Anna knew she needed to talk to Josh about that and about the lawsuit," the source said. "[Anna] believes Josh cheated on her -- because he admitted he did -- but she does not believe Danica's story. She doesn't think Josh could be so aggressive."

Josh is apparently letting her believe that, too.

"Josh is still denying it happened and told Anna that since he was living a life of sin, he isn't surprised that people are making things up about him," the source said, adding, "but Josh doesn't confess anything until he is absolutely caught in a lie."

The magazine reports that Anna plans to return before Christmas for her second of three allowed visits. This time, she's likely to bring the couple's four kids.