Michael Rozman / . 1 / 13
Michael Rozman / . 1 / 13

No pants party! Anna Faris sure knows how to keep everyone on their toes … If only she knew how to keep on her clothes!

The "Mom" actress left Ellen DeGeneres at a loss for words after strolling onto the set of the talk show with a skirt on, but then pretended not to notice that her clothes were whipped off of her as she danced.

So, there she stood on national TV dancing in her underwear.

In a sneak peak of the Nov. 2 show, Anna walks out from backstage in anticipation of her interview and all seems normal. Anna, it seems, was in cahoots with show producers and thanks to a wire, her skirt was whisked away.

Ellen appears both humored and confused.

Donning a long-sleeved black top, black heels and nothing more than her tighty-whities, which exposed her slender legs, Anna, pretendingto be obvious to her lack of pants, immediately says, "It's cold in here."

Without missing a beat, Ellen and Anna sit down and conducted the, ahem, "brief" interview.