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When celebrities are asked who they're wearing on the red carpet, an answer could soon be "Antonio Banderas."

That's right, the 55-year old actor, director and producer has been enrolled in Central Saint Martins of Art and Design school in London since August and has plans to be there for up to five years, according to People.

After launching his fragrance line, Banderas tells the mag that he was inspired to give fashion a try.

"I've been working with perfumes for 19 years and that's a universe that is very close to fashion," he explains. "A couple of years ago I had this idea to put a company together, and base it around design."

And in order to learn the business, he went to the same fashion school that counts fashion designers Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Zac Posen as alumni.

Antonio spoke highly of the education he's receiving. "We are learning patterns, sketching, researching, everything," he says. "It's very artistic in a way."

He's reportedly already making his own shirts, and he's learning firsthand that sewing is "just difficult."

We feel your pain Antonio, but can't wait to see your fashions!