Soap star Antonio Sabato, Jr. and his wife of five years have split, but the fight could just be getting started.

Cheryl Moana Marie is claiming that her ex is a drug abuser.


TMZ reported that he filed the divorce documents on Dec. 27 and is asking for joint custody over their 6-year-old son. Cheryl, though, has asked for sole custody and said she's concerned for the child's safety when he's around Antonio.

Cheryl claims that her ex has struggled with prescription drugs. He has been to rehab in the past for a sleeping pill addiction.

In her divorce docs, she says that Antonio has admitted that he used crystal meth before they got together in 2009. But, she did claim that he got sober around the time his 14-year-old daughter Mina was born.

Antonio told TMZ that he's an advocate on addiction issues, claiming he isn't hiding his past problems with pills. About his wife's allegations, he told the website, "Whatever else she says is just a bunch of lies."


The divorce news and allegations don't come at a great time for the actor, who just last week filed documents to run for Congress, challenging California Rep. Julia Brownley for her seat. His platform will reportedly include dealing with the opioid crisis and drug addiction.


Antonio has long had an interest in politics. Last year he campaigned heavily for Donald Trump and spoke at the Republican National Convention. He has claimed that his political beliefs have all but submarined him in Hollywood, which traditionally tends to lean left.