Gigi Hadid is really messing with our minds -- is she or isn't she broken up with Zayn Malik?!

On Thursday, June 2, news broke that Gigi and her boyfriend of seven months, Zayn Malik, had split, so said Us Weekly. And yes, the world was sad over the musician and the model's lost love — but we were all already sad from the Tay Swift and Calvin Harris gut punch, so really this news just added insult to injury. To be perfectly honest, we were already hanging out with cats and eating Ben & Jerry's, mourning the loss of music's prettiest couple -- so the Zayn/Gigi split just made us add some whip cream to our bucket of Cherry Garcia and call it a day.

But we dealt with it in our way and moved on (until we heard about Demi and Wilmer … OHMYGOD grab the Garcia and spoons and let's cry it out together!). But here's what's making us scratch our heads, and making us think something is up with the report of the split: one day after the break-up news, (aka Friday, June 3) Gigi glammed for the Maybelline New York Beauty Bash at The Line Hotel in Los Angeles. Did the fact that she went to fancy party the day after her break us confuse us? No! But what did get our brains working on overdrive is the fact that at the bash, the blonde Snapchatted a number of sultry lip sync videos to Zayn's hit song "Pillowtalk."

Umm … that's weird.

And here's what's also weird: earlier in the night, the 21-year-old model went to dinner in West Hollywood and was looking far more casual when she donned a pair of black leggings, a white T-shirt, a red-and-black bomber jacket, and a very noticeable "Z" necklace (for Zayn).

Would you wear a necklace for the dude you just broke up with and sing his songs all sexy like on Snapchat if you weren't together, or at least trying to get back together? Probably not! (Unless unless you are a crazy person in need of a restraining order -- and Gigi actually seems pretty grounded and sane … for a model). If we heard our chart-topping ex's song days after breaking up ... we'd probably cover our ears and run out of the party screaming. We wouldn't be trying to get our swerve on for the camera and posting it to Snapchat!

Prior to Zayn, Gigi dated Joe Jonas (hello, Zayn was a such an upgrade). The ex One Directioner and Gigi first stepped out together in November 2015 (basically right after she ditched Joe for someone hotter and with way better fashion sense) and have pretty much been attached at the hip ever since. The last time we saw them together was at the 2016 Met Gala in New York City (which is also the last time we saw Kylie Jenner and Tyga together -- what is it about the Met Gala that breaks couples apart? Somehow we think Anna Wintour must be to blame).

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Oh and another thing, Gigi also possibly maybe sent Zayn a love note via Snapchat (oh millennials and their love of displaying love on social media) on June 2. That's either super cute or super creepy.

If Gigi and Zayn really did break up -- we have a feeling they're going to rekindle things pretty soon. Otherwise the Brit may need to look into hiring some bodyguards!