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"Bachelorette" stars JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers went the extra mile to keep their relationship a secret for months, as to not break the rules of the ABC show.

They still saw each other as the popular show aired, but they did so with disguises and by staying in "safe houses."

Although JoJo made her pick about three months ago, she and Jordan were not allowed to be seen in public until after the finale aired, as to not ruin the integrity of the dating show.

"We've been in hiding, we bounce around every couple of weeks to these safe houses," he said during "Live With Kelly" Tuesday, the morning after the finale aired, where JoJo chose the former NFL quarterback to be her knight in shining armor. "We're not allowed to go outside. We can't go in the front yard."

JoJo added, "Every couple of weeks, they put us in a house every weekend, and it was just us, and we watched movies."

The Texas native said she and her new fiancé watched an obscene amount of Netflix while essentially being sequestered.

"We had nothing to do besides just watch shows all day," she said. Jordan, the brother of NFL stud Aaron Rodgers, nodded, saying, "[We watched] all four seasons of Bates Motel and American Horror Story."

Jordan did admit that they risked being seen together once.

"There was one time she was staying at a hotel in Hollywood, and I kind of threw on a mullet wig and a trucker hat and snuck around," he revealed. "That happened."

In making her pick, JoJo unfortunately broke swimmer Robby Hayes' heart. But, she knows she made the right decision.

"When I first met Jordan, there was this easy comfortability with him. He was my best friend and super attractive too," she told Kelly. "At the end of the day, I kept imagining who can I not say goodbye to and it was always him."

Despite being in love with Jordan, she says is pained her to say goodbye to Robby, which created an odd contrast to the day.

"That was the hardest day of my life, not to mention it was one of the greatest days," she said. "But I told myself I would never want to take that moment from [Robby]. So I stopped him before [he proposed]. I have so much respect for him because he's such a good guy."