If at first you don't succeed, try, try (try) again! The Weeknd and Bella Hadid are back to "hanging out" again, a new report says.


The duo split last November after a year and a half of dating. It was actually their second split.

The new report by E! News says that there are still feelings there between the two. In fact, the rapper (real name Abel Tesfaye) was photographed leaving Bella's New York City apartment on Nov. 14, just a few weeks removed from his split with Selena Gomez.

"Bella and Abel have been in contact since Abel and Selena split, but they are not back together," a source tells us. "Abel reached out to Bella asking to hang out and catch up, and she decided to see him and see where things go. She knows that if they don't date again, they can at least be good friends."

It seems that they are more than just good friends though.

"They enjoy each other's company and have a lot of fun together," the source said, adding that they have an "amazing connection."

Will Alexander/WENN.com

A second source echoed those sentiments.

"He has expressed to her that he loves her still, and they will always have a real connection," the source reveals. "He also apologized for hurting her in the past."


For Bella, she's taking it slow and seeing where the chips fall.

"She still loves him but has her guard up. She never really got over him," the second source said. "She is not looking to be exclusive with him now, just to be his friend. His schedule won't allow him to stay focused on her—she knows this from past experience. She also knows he is talking to a few girls still. She reads what is put out in the news and that affects her."

Still, she's a different person, for the better this time, so the insider thinks that may help.

"She is stronger this time around," the insider adds. "She would give Abel another try, maybe down the road, but is taking small steps before she jumps back into a relationship."