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Bill Murray was being investigated by police briefly after he allegedly snatched a few patrons cell phones from them and tossed them off of a second story rooftop.

According to TMZ, Bill was at the Vesuvio rooftop lounge, a popular bar in Carmel, Calif., when a few fans tried snapping picture of him on their cell phones. That's when Bill had had enough.

Bill was highly angry from the impromptu picture-taking session, allegedly grabbed the phones from the starstruck patrons, taking them over to the edge of the bar and hurling them off the second-story rooftop.

Scott Rose, who owns the bar, told the celebrity website that the fans were rather obvious and not concealing themselves as they snapped his photo, with flashes going off about 10 feet away from Bill.

Scott, who witnessed the incident, says the actor was not drinking.

Police were called to the bar for the incident but Bill left before they arrived.

As of today, Scott says he is now changing his bar policy -- no phones and no pictures, since celebrities come in quite often.

Bill is in the oceanside town for the the annual Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tourney in which he is playing in.

Police eventually did speak to Bill and closed the case after he offered to pay for the damage to the phones. The phone owners didn't want to press any charges.