Police in Corona, California, launched a criminal investigation into actor Billy Baldwin after he allegedly threatened a young supporter of Donald Trump.

Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com

The Blast reported that 19-year-old Jacob Wohl filed a police report on Aug. 9 after he said that Billy urged people to harm him because of his political views. Screenshots posted by The Blaze show that Billy aimed a tweet at Jacob which said, "Give this kid the beatdown he deserves…#HitlerYouth."

The teen took that as a direct threat and went straight to police.

Ultimately the case was dismissed after the local district attorney determined that Billy's comments didn't meet the requirements of criminal threats.

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Jacob has gotten semi-famous in the political social media world because of his avid support of the president. Trump has actually retweeted several of Jacob's messages, making him somewhat a darling of the right. Jacob's Twitter banner picture even shows him with the Prez.

The outspoken teen told The Blaze that the "#HitlerYouth" was outlandish because he's jewish. Plus, he said, he's received numerous hate messages from people who he calls "neo-Nazis."

Billy has not addressed his tweet publicly.

The actor, like his brother Alec Baldwin, has made no secret of his distaste for the president. Interestingly, Billy and Alec's brother Stephen is a fierce Trump supporter. In April, Stephen said that he and Alec hadn't spoke since the election in November 2016.