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As if Rob Kardashian's lovestruck Instagram posts weren't convincing enough, Blac Chyna has confirmed that her romance with the reclusive former reality star is the real deal and said there is no ill will, at least on her end, toward his family.

TMZ cameras caught Chyna at LAX on Jan. 29 and asked her about her rumored beau.

A smiling Chyna said she and Rob are indeed together and even gave two thumbs up (literally) when asked about the status of their relationship.

Rob and Chyna's romance has been all the buzz in the celebrity world given the strange dynamic -- she and Tyga, Kylie Jenner's boyfriend, share a child together. She's also BFF with Amber Rose, Kanye West's ex and a longtime thorn in the Kardashian's side.

A day after the romance was made public, a report said that Khloe kicked Rob out of her home when she saw them together in her house. Kylie is also said to be livid. Kim, though, is reportedly OK with the romance as long as Rob is happy.

The TMZ cameraman asked Chyna if she cared what Rob's famous sisters think.

"Of course I care," Chyna said, while wearing Yeezus sneakers through the airport. "I love all of them."

People magazine quoted a source saying that initial shock of the relationship has worn off.

"It's difficult to not be at least a little bit excited that Rob finally seems to have snapped out of the funk. Everyone agrees that he deserves to be happy," a source said.

The source continued, saying it's "definitely very annoying that Chyna is the one that could get to him, at least Rob seems happier. It's still frustrating for his family that they tried to help him for so long and he wanted nothing to do with their help, but at least his family gets a bit of a break."

On Jan. 28, Rob even posted a photo of himself at the gym, implying that he's determined to get back into shape having gained significant weight over the past two years.

Chyna seems to be helping him clean up with a strict diet, telling the cameraman that they eat "mushrooms, spinach, chicken, no red meat."

"He already looks transformed," a second source told People. "He acts very happy, confident and keeps smiling. It's like a new Rob."