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Blac Chyna's home was broken into over the weekend, and the thieves left with $200,000 in cash and a haul of jewelry.

Authorities believed that the crook is someone close to Chyna and her fiance Rob Kardashian.

Rob, who stays at Chyna's Tarzana, California, home, discovered the burglary and reported the crime to police.

According to TMZ, there was no sign of forced entry and a safe containing the money wasn't busted open, leading police to think that someone close to the couple is responsible.

There is a theory floating around the the culprit could have been looking for the hard copy of a sex tape that Chyna is rumored to have made with her ex Tyga.

On Monday, the celebrity website said someone's shopping around a Chyna/Tyga sex tape. Chyna isn't exactly denying that a sex tape was made, but she's doing everything within her power to keep if from seeing the light of day.

Blac Chyna's lawyer said Chyna will go after anyone who releases the tape "with a vengeance."

Although Chyna and Tyga share a child, 3-year-old King Cairo, their relationship is long over and they've both moved on with members of the Kardashian family, Chyna with Rob, and Tyga with Kylie Jenner. The family was originally very unhappy with Rob's romance with Chyna — in fact, video shows pure shock and disgust when his famous sisters found out he had proposed to her.

However, it seems that perhaps Kylie and Chyna have made amends.

Amid rumors of a feud, the two took to Snapchat on April 21 to post a series of pics of themselves hanging out and having fun.

The photos seem to officially squash any rumored beef between the two. But according to Kylie, the two have always been good.

"When we've been best friends the whole time..," the lip-kit maven captioned one of the Snapchats.

Chyna shared a similar snap of the two to her own account, captioning it, "Hanging out with my lil sis."