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U2 frontman Bono was in Nice, France last week and hid in a restaurant when a man drove through a crowd of revelers, killing 84 and injuring 200, according to a French publication.

The rocker was having dinner at an upscale restaurant called La Petite Maison with several friends when people began running in fear from the terrorist mowing down people in a 20-ton truck on Bastille Day.

Restaurant owner Anne-Laure Rubi told La Parisienne magazine, "Suddenly, I saw people running without shouting."

Anne-Laure said she had her employees close the restaurant's shutters and lock the doors, keeping everyone hidden inside the restaurant for half an hour until police cleared the area and deemed the threat over.

Celebrity chef Alain Ducasse was also in the restaurant and was kept sequestered.

A customer told the French publication that everyone, including Bono, was escorted out of the restaurant with their hands on their heads.

"The situation was very confusing. We did not know what was happening," the customer said, adding that there was a hostage situation unfolding at the nearby Meridien hotel.

Strangely, this is hardly Bono's first brush with terrorism. He was in Paris last November when terrorists orchestrated a wave of attacks on the city. Rather than leaving the city as many did, U2 stayed in the city.

Bono had another brush with death that same month. During a flight from Dublin to Berlin, the private jet's door flew off in midair.