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Brad Pitt voluntarily submitted to a drug and alcohol test early on during his child abuse investigation, despite reports claiming he was forced to do it.

The actor is accused of attacking his eldest son Maddox on an airplane, a claim he vehemently denies.

TMZ cites sources "close to investigators" who said the actor agreed to take a test within a couple days of the alleged incident on the plane and that he voluntarily provided a urine sample in an attempt to show he had nothing to hide, and to clear up any "exaggerations." The test was not required.

In its newest issue, In Touch claims that the Department of Children and Family Services showed up unannounced at Brad's door on Sept. 17, three days after the alleged plane incident.

"Brad admitted to being drunk and losing his temper, but that's it. He even took a urine drug test on the spot," In Touch's source said.

It's not believed that his estranged wife Angelina Jolie Pitt was forced to take a test.

Brad has not argued that he drank fairly heavily on the plane that day, although he and Angie apparently disagree on the time frame of the boozing, ie. whether it was before or after the alleged incident.

According to TMZ, the test wouldn't show exactly when he had been drinking, but he wanted the test to quickly rebut any claims he's abusing drugs or alcohol. The test results have not been released yet.

In Touch, which isn't always the most reliable of magazines, says Brad isn't so clean cut.

"Angie said Brad loses his temper with the kids a lot and that there is drinking and drug use," the source said. "The younger kids — Zahara, Shiloh and the twins — all told DCFS they missed their dad. Maddox and Pax didn't express that sentiment and seem to think they are tasked with being their mother's protector."

It was reported late last week that it's "highly unlikely" that Brad will be prosecuted for the private plane incident.