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Like a fine wine, Brad Pitt is aging gracefully, and a new report claims to know the actor's anti-aging secrets.

Life & Style says for the past several months Brad has been on an intense diet and skin care regimen, resulting in smooth, unblemished skin.

The diet, according to the report, is heavy on salmon, walnuts and chia seeds. Brad also includes many lean meats and eggs, which provide amino acids to help repair damaged skin cells. Chia seeds are known to help combat wrinkles.

"He's been telling friends about his new anti-aging plan," an insider tells the mag. "He's been doing it with the help of a nutritionist and a personal chef."

Brad also incorporates brown rice and beets, which are known to keep the skin appearing hydrated.

Aside from getting facials, the dashing actor is also supplementing his diet with "collagen smoothies and anti-aging IV vitamin drips," the source said.

"Brad's working hard to keep his youthful looks," the insider added. "The transformation has been nothing short of amazing."

Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban told the mag that she understands how these things help Brad turn back the clock.

"What you put in your mouth shows on your skin," she said. "His diet will help Brad's skin repair itself."