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Super Cooper! Bradley Cooper may have snagged himself another supermodel.

The actor, who has been linked to some of the most beautiful women in the world, was spotted last weekend on a breakfast date with non other than Naomi Campbell.

The two reportedly spent the morning together at a West Hollywood, Calif., restaurant and afterward, they were spotted driving off together.

The two seemed casual on their breakfast date while Bradley wore pants, a t-shirt and a backwards baseball hat. Naomi donned workout pants, sneakers, a white blouse and a black baseball hat (turned forward.) A camouflaged sweatshirt was tied around her waist.

Bradley was previously linked with supermodel Irina Shayk. In late January, several reports indicated that the two of them split up.

However, on Jan. 31, the duo was spotted hand-in-hand in New York, all but disproving those reports.

The two first got together in April 2015 and were often seen together. Some times they were even pictured with Bradley's mom, as well, proving that she fully approved of the romance.

But, many reports said that while the two main women in Bradley's life did get along initially, the relationship became strained, and that caused stress between the actor and his model girlfriend.

"The pair had been getting on really well, but things went south over the Christmas period," a source told The Sun. "They spent Christmas together in Los Angeles but arguments started, mainly centering around the fact Irina and Bradley's mom weren't getting on very well."

Earlier in 2015, a source told E! News that the women got along incredibly well.

"Irina is just so happy how things are going with Bradley. She adores his mother and they get along great," the source said. "Bradley's mother is very down to earth and just wants her son to be happy. Irina was so pleased to spend some time with his mom."

If the breakfast date between Bradley and Naomi was more than platonic, it seems that one thing is certain, his mother will be there to weigh in very, very soon.