And it's official, Brie Larson has won the Internet.

The actress didn't plan on being such an online hit this week, but thanks to a little nostalgia and the watchful eye of her fiance Alex Greenwald, that's exactly what happened.

To hear the actress tell it, she came home after purchasing a navy blue trench coat. Rather than seeing fashion or function, Alex saw John Cusack and one of the most iconic movie images of the 80s.

"Showed @alexandergreenwald my new @hm short sleeve trench. He immediately put an iPad in my hands and directed it over my head. 💯," she captioned a photo that showed her holding a digital boom box over her head.

She split the screen with a photo of Cusack from the classic film "Say Anything." In the scene, Cusack's character, Lloyd rocks a tan trench coat (much like Brie's) and holds a boom box over his head in an attempt to lure his lady love back to him.

The scene has been recreated and referenced over the past three decades in films and pop culture.

The Oscar-winning actress has used her social media to get awfully nostalgic lately. Last week she shared a photo of herself from the 2004 film "Sleepover."

Sleepover #tbt

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A few days prior, she shared a collage of images with Alex from their visit to Disneyland. In the images she feigns crying while hugging Mickey Mouse.

"Mickey is so chill with his mega fans," she captioned the image. "Thank you @disneyland - you made an adult woman cry happy tears and justify a churro at midnight."